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Ministerial Excellence Fund (MEF)

The Ministerial Excellence Fund (MEF), awarded to the PCAFI in 2022, comes from the generosity of the Lilly Endowment’s National Initiative to Address Economic Challenges Facing Pastoral Leaders Phase 1 planning grant. It exists to enable the financial and personal flourishing of pastors and their families, to enrich and maintain their overall well-being. The MEF is administered and evaluated by the executive office of the PCAFI.


Pastors who are eligible for grant funds will receive some degree of financial literacy/preparedness training to enable optimal stewardship of the granted funds. Eligible churches will be educated on the economic challenges facing pastors through Lilly Endowment grantee partners. The MEF will offer a variety of scholarship initiatives, available in the near future, that will:


  • Provide direct and immediate relief to pastors and their families when educational, consumer, or medical debt imposes significant hardship that undermines the pastor’s flourishing and pastoral excellence. 

  • Provide need-based funding to the children of pastors to attend accredited colleges and universities. 

  • Provide grants for pastors who pursue advanced theological courses of study from ATS-accredited seminaries and divinity schools. 

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