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Pastoral Jubilee Grants 

Pastoral Jubilee Grants will provide direct and immediate relief to pastors and their families when educational, consumer, or medical debt imposes significant hardship that undermines the pastor’s flourishing and pastoral excellence. We will disperse grants up to $7,500 for PCAFI US/Domestic Pastors and up to $750 for PCAFI International Pastors. If applicable, an offset of up to 10% to assist with covering the tax liability incurred by the pastor in conjunction with receiving the grant funds will be supplemented. Grant recipients will need to show proof of additional tax liability. Grant requests would be evaluated on a rolling basis by a standing committee overseen by the (program director) and the PCAFI Executive Office. A financial snapshot and narrative of hardship would be required as part of the application process, along with a commitment to participate in a financial literacy program through the MEC.  

Ready to apply for a grant? To access the application, click the Apply button. Please note the dates applications are accepted. You will have to wait until time period applications will be accepted to apply.  Upon approval/denial, MEC will communicate that decision through email.  

If you have any questions about the grant program or about filling out this form, please email a MEC staff member,

MEC Pastoral Jubilee Application  - US/Domestic Only

MEC Pastoral Jubilee Application - International Only

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